MULC is very transparent with our club's membership fees. All money collected in fees is used to pay player registration costs to the competition organisers and the remainder is used to improve the resources of the club so that we can offer a high quality lacrosse experience.

The fee structure for 2010 is as follows:

 Annual Playing Membership$250 [minimum $50 to be paid before your first game]
 Single Semester Playing Membership$??? (for exchange students) - to be negotiated with Treasurer.
[minimum $50 to be paid before your first game]

Bank Details:

 BSB No.:083-457
 A/C No.:51-561-4167

MULC has a significant investment in lacrosse equipment and lends out its equipment to its new players to ease the financial burden of playing lacrosse. New players are welcome to purchase their own gear. All players are expected to provide more of their own equipment as they gain seniority. The following is the minimum requirement for provision of players' own equipment:


1st Year None
2nd Year Stick
3rd Year Gloves and Armpads
4th Year Helmet


1st Year None
2nd Year Gloves (optional)
3rd Year Eye Protection (optional)