Lacrosse has a long history in Australia dating back to 1876. It was introduced to Australia by Canadian Lambton L Mount, who arrived as a fourteen year old boy in 1853. In 1876 he arranged for the importation of forty lacrosse sticks and a practice match. The competition blossomed with four clubs being established by 1879. In 1883 Melbourne University Lacrosse Club was established.

Presently lacrosse is well established in the metropolitan areas of Melbourne, Adelaide and Perth but the sport also exists in Sydney, Brisbane and Hobart.

MULC has experienced a major expansion over the last few years. Following the collapse of the women's portion of the club, there were only two men's teams for several years. Since 2007, MULC has restarted its women's teams and now boasts two women's teams. This has been coupled with the addition of a third men's team. The focus is now on retaining experienced players, attracting new players and improving the sporting experience offered by the club.